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I've worked for and with a lot of incredible arts and social justice organizations over the years, and I feel it's important to share that I believe that Black Lives Matter, support LGBTQIA+ rights, reproductive justice, and the dismantling of historical biases, systemic racism, and the dehumanization of far too many people in our society. As a small gesture of art activism, I will continue to participate in select projects and raffles benefiting this important work.

Megan Sauve

There's just something so satisfying about working with clay, a messy malleable piece of earth that can be molded by hand and fired to keep for a lifetime. 


During my undergrad years at SAIC I mainly focused on sculptural ceramics, but throwing has always been a more ritualistic practice for me. A way to both literally and figuratively be centered— focused, calm, and dare I say... quiet (which, is not something that comes naturally to me as an extrovert.)

With my diagnosis of a chronic illness in the summer of 2021, I decided to take a step back from my fundraising career and shifted to a part-time role to focus on my health. This also inspired me to grow my ceramics small business, setting my own hours and participating in select markets to cautiously grow at a pace that worked with my recovery. My illness has been the biggest blessing in disguise because I may not have had the courage to do this otherwise. I am extremely grateful for both the improvement in my health and the growth of my business.

I love playing around with new ideas at the wheel and spend far too much time considering the perfect form. Many of my work often incorporates decorative patterns inspired by retro motifs, which are intricately placed by hand using tape or custom-designed vinyl stickers I create with a Cricut machine that act as a glaze-resist. 


If you have one of my pieces, I hope you experience the joy and care that was put into making it and that you are able to take a moment to find peace in this uncertain world.

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